Buying American

Small businesses are the backbone of this nation.  They create wealth, employment opportunities, fair work environments, democracy and much more.  When you buy your beard balm and beard care products from us, you can be assured that we take pride in contributing to these ideals and your money is being recycled properly back into our economy.  It’s no secret things are cheaper overseas and in mass production.  However we do not use foreign ingredients and we are constantly building personal relationships with our community.  We are firm believers of sticking to our roots, so the quality of our beard balm and beard care products will never be compromised for cheaper, overseas alternatives.

Who We Are

Proprietors Ross Sullivan and Brian Leonard created “The Bearded Gentlemen Company” with a passion and vision for facial hair.  Prior to the start of this company, we were just two bearded gentlemen fighting the daily maintenance of “owning” a beard.  Some turn to the razor, we turned to engineering. We were both born and raised in a small town named Petaluma.  Just 40 miles north of San Francisco, Petaluma is known for three things – butter, eggs, and beeswax.  Our local beeswax is the foundation of our beard balm and beard care products. We keep things natural and we keep them organic.  We always buy American, and more importantly we always buy locally.

Our Beard Balm & Products

Our balm and beard care products promote a healthy beard, free of chemicals and irritants.  The ingredients we use not only nourish your beard and moisturize the skin, but they also seal and help style it.  All of our ingredients are natural and certified organic.  With us, there’s no more fighting the awkward “scratchy” phase when growing a beard.  We’ve all battled a wild beard, stray hairs and split ends. Our beard balm attacks all these issues and more.  ​

Watson Lu Hopaluma Beard Balm
Hopaluma Beard Balm